Here at Surge IT Support we care about our staff and clients. We are a small company who takes “CARING” to the next level. With our hands-on friendly learning environment, we will help you grow to your full potential. We might not be your typical large company, but we have benefits that large companies are unable to provide. Because we are small you don’t have to make your way through several levels of upper management just to speak to a decision maker. His office is only steps away. Also, you know how large companies discourage all that extra side talk during the work day? Well, we encourage that kind of talk with our clients. If you enjoy making friends and socializing, then you will fit right into the Surge family.

Lastly, are you currently enrolled in college?  Would you like to be? How would you feel about achieving that dream of walking across that stage on graduation day? Not only with a diploma in hand but with the confidence of knowing you were provided with the skill set that is needed to be successful in the business world. If you think this only happens in fairytales, well you’re wrong! We have a surprise for you. We have an amazing tuition reimbursement program. Act Fast, Apply Now!


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