Surge It: Levels the Playing Field

If you don’t need a full 24/7 in-house IT department, why pay for one? Fact: Outsourcing your IT needs to Surge IT, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), can help your company compete with industry giants. Surge IT can give you the support you need: 24/7 and at a fraction of the in-house IT cost. Put Surge IT on your team!

Freed-Up Resources and a Renewed Emphasis on Core Business

Often misportrayed as a “threat” to an internal IT person or staff, MSPs can instead relieve internal staff of mundane network operations maintenance, repetitious monitoring of server and storage infrastructure, and day-to-day operations and help desk duties.

A True Partner Sharing Risks And Responsibilities

The goal of an MSP is to deliver on contracted services, measure, report, analyze and optimize IT service operations, and truly become an irreplaceable catalyst for business growth. Managed Service Providers not only assume leadership roles, they enable risk reduction, enhance efficiency and change the culture by introducing internal IT operations to new technologies and processes.

Access to Expertise, Best Practices and World-Class Tools and Technologies

MSPs have experience with a variety of businesses and organizations. Managed Service Providers can keep your business relevant and on track with continually evolving technology, support, and productivity demands. Let’s face it, no small or medium sized business can afford to fall behind with technology trends in today’s business world.

The Benefit of a Full-Time Fully Staffed IT Department at a Fraction of the Cost

Most small business owners live and die by proactive management. They just haven’t had the budget, resources or access to on-demand expertise to be proactive with information technology management. A Managed Service Provider gives business owners and overwhelmed internal IT staff affordable computer and server support, remote monitoring of critical network components like servers and firewalls, data backup and disaster recovery, network security, custom software solutions, and technology evaluation and planning.

“Michael has been very responsive and a good listener of my small business needs. His recommendations helped me invest in my long-term infrastructure in a timely and economical manner.”

Lane Allen • Allen+Pepa Architects, Geneva, IL

“We have been using Surge IT support for about an year now. Surge is like our in-house tech department, and they understand the needs and  constraints of a small business.  They have been always available and provided excellent technical support. We are happy with their services and looking for a long term relationship.”

Sunish Mathew, P.E • Facet Engineering. Inc

“Partnering with Surge IT has helped us get our network streamlined and secured from outside attacks.”

Jaime Milto • Freedom Equipment

“I love Mike from Surge IT. Always making sure my computer is running good. If had to reach out to him a couple times for support and he is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Plus he’s reasonably priced. He’s the only one I trust with my pc’s.”

Julie • Late Night Hair