Windows 7 End of Life Days Away – Are You Ready?

While it is a well known fact that Windows 7 reaches its official End of Life on 20th January, 2020 – at which point it will no longer be fully supported by Microsoft – many corporate users continue to use the platform on business computers and networks across the world. There will be support available, but users will be charged higher fees if they wish to continue with Windows 7 rather than migrate to the current Windows 10. The End of Life date is the point at which Windows 7 will no longer be given updates and patches, leaving it very vulnerable to malware, so it is important you consider you options right away.

However, this is not to say that you can’t continue with your network running on the older platform. The problem is that malware such as the recent WannaCry – which was used for cyber attacks on Windows 7 in 2017 – and even more recent Bluekeep, another bug deliberately targeting the system, are going to cause you problems in the long run, no matter how hard you try or how much you pay to keep them at bay.

Should You Switch to Windows 10?

It’s a question that is more important perhaps to business users than to individuals who choose to continue with the older platform: is it wise to upgrade to Windows 10 and get the full support that comes with the latest and current operating system? In simple terms,  the answer is yes, most certainly: Windows 10 is comprehensively supported by Microsoft and also offers greater versatility, whilst there will be no progression in continuing to use 7, no matter how much you like it!

One problem that is prevalent is that of operating systems that cannot run Windows 10, and therefore need replacing, which has kept millions of computers across the world static on Windows 7. Also, there are certain hardware requirements that are needed to be able to implement Windows 10, and this may mean expenditure that cannot be met or justified for smaller and growing companies.

There are companies offering scanning programs that will analyse your system and advise on the level of problems that may occur should you remain with Windows 7, and it is highly recommended that you take a look at these and implement one, and investigate quickly moving up to the more up to date Windows 10 platform.

Genuine Security Threat

Make no mistake, there is a genuine security threat to remaining with Windows 7, and it is presented by many different forms of malware as well as a lack of  continued security updates. This will leave your system vulnerable even now – and more so following the EOL date – so it is important that you consider all your available options. Talk to an expert now and have your system assessed for vulnerability, and you will be doing your best to ensure the information you hold is safe and secure, and your clients will also be reassured.

Need Help upgrading

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