Latest Windows Update Boosts Sign-In options

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If there was one feature where Windows lagged behind Linux or Mac OS, it’s restarting applications when the operating system itself restarts. This feature behaves a bit differently compared to the autorun feature which basically every version of Windows has had and now, after all this time, it seems as Microsoft has finally caught up in that respect.

The latest Windows 10 preview build comes with this significant sign-in improvement. Dubbed Build 18965, it is expected in the first half of next year, as part of the 20H1 branch.

In the build, it’s turned off by default. The feature can be found in the Settings, under Account, and then under Sign-in options. If the feature is turned on, Windows will automatically save the restart-able apps when signing out, restarting or shutting the computer down.

Then, the next time you sign in, the apps would restart automatically, too.

It’s important to note that this only works with a “clean” log-out. If the computer is forcibly shut down, or if it crashes – it won’t work.

This new feature aside, the 18965 build also comes with a number of bug fixes, including a fix for the bug which saw the taskbar unexpectedly hiding sometimes when launching the touch keyboard, or when some of the colours weren’t correct in Language Settings if using High Contrast White.

As usual, these builds come with a number of issues themselves, and it’s not recommended to install them on a production machine.

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