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"Uncommon Solutions For Your Technology Needs"

Diverse Team - Pinpoint Solutions

SURGE is an energetic and collaborative team of individuals that loves innovative technology. Each of us brings a unique set of talents and backgrounds that make SURGE the phenomenal company it is today.

We also bring a diverse and varied set of skills that, through collaboration, produces pinpoint solutions for our customers. Because of our diversity we can specialize using our pool of talent and experience to trouble shoot any problem and meet any technological challenge that businesses face today.

Our board of advisors consists of persons that have been in business for over forty years. SURGE’s unique blend of talent and experience allows us to pivot to meet the current need of transition from traditional business models while maximizing the wisdom of experienced leaders.


Global Team, World Class Results

Managing Partner - "The Dreamer"

Managing Partner - "The General"

Chief Strategist - "The Navigator"

Darlene Terranova

Public Relations Officer

Chiara Wright

Chief Financial Officer - "The Bean Counter"